Theofilos from BoardgameStories says: „If you are in a mood for a casual card game, which is easy to learn and play while being quite tactical, this might be the one for you! There are not many games out there that strictly play in teams, and that’s always a fun aspect. This element lets you bluff, be cutthroat and cooperate, at the same time! That’s the case as you try to find your teammate during the first battles of the game, creating some interesting decisions and situations.“ 

Roy says: „The idea of making Doppelkopf children accessible is absolutely super and laudable. Because in a normal Doppelkopf game it is really very confusing which card is higher ranked and wins the trick and it is even more difficult, in my eyes, to remember how many silver coins (points) the cards bring. Simply printing all this as info on the card is simple and ingenious. … I think this idea is definitely great and wish you every success with the upcoming Kickstarter campaign“.

Daniel says: „…. If you like Doppelkopf or want to try it out, you should buy Doublehead Kids. In a group of four the game works very well and I understand why it is the most popular card game in Germany today. The access is quite easy, especially with the new cards, which are really well designed and remove the abstract character of the original cards.

The price shouldn’t be too high, so players who like to play card games and have groups of four players can access them without hesitation. „

Further opinions on DOUBLEHEAD KIDS

Christina, psychologist, Cologne:At last a Doppelkopf game where getting started is child’s play – Doppelkopf has always been a very popular game among my friends and acquaintances. On numerous occasions, the suggestion „Let’s play a round of Doppelkopf“ came up at some point, which usually resulted in one of two reactions: There was the group of people who had been playing the game for years and were immediately enthusiastic about it, and there was the group of people who had no idea what it was all about. They wanted to explain to the latter group „quickly“ how DoKo works, mostly with a catastrophic course, because the basic rules are quickly understood, but the interpretation of which card is what, even with notes and help often only leads to frustration.

This is different now, because Doublehead Kids has managed to bring the game fun of the „normal“ Doppelkopf into a beautifully designed and above all logically structured card sheet. So everyone can get started with this great game and even children can get started quickly and with fun!“.

Kathrin, ice cream shop owner, Cologne: „I have already played with the prototype and am absolutely thrilled! My 9 year old daughter actually learned Doppelkopf in one evening with this game! After a short rethink it was clear to me which cards correspond to the corresponding cards in the classic Doppelkopf game! Absolutely recommendable!