Doublehead Kids – Doppelkopf game for the whole family

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DOUBLEHEAD KIDS is based on the popular german Doppelkopf trick-taking game. Play Doppelkopf with these beautiful family-friendly cards. Easy to learn – long game fun.

The Doppelkopf-Game finds more and more enthusiastic fans and supporters, who organize themselves in clubs and even in the German Doppelkopf Association (DDV). Doppelkopf even manages to replace the extremely popular game Skat as the favourite card game of the Germans. Doppelkopf probably originated from the game “Schafkopf”, which already had a set of rules since 1895. 

Game Principle

Dive into a series of exciting card battles and play togehter in everchanging teams! You must gain valuable Silver Coins by skillfully using your cards. Whoever gains the most, courageously encountering their opponents, wins Golden Coins, the game’s victory points. The first player to earn a predetermined number of Gold Coins wins the game!

The Twist

The twist of the game is that at the beginning of a new round players do not know their teammate. Only when the Prince and Princess Cards (“Team”) are laid out bit by bit, the picture becomes clearer and the players recognize in which team they are playing. In Team Prince/Princess (players with Prince and Princess Cards) or in Team Without (players without Prince and Princess Cards). Each round of the game is played differently and in different teams.

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With the stunning support on Kickstarter, numerous additional elements have been added to the game: