Final Prototype (No. 7)

Thank you for the many suggestions on our previous prototypes. We have incorporated many of the suggestions into the final prototypes:

  • New more beautiful playing card backside
  • Silver coins with playing card value now displayed as a number in the lower left corner
  • Golden coin as sign for special points now shown in lower right corner
  • Princesses and princely card were merged to a motive “team”.
  • For the “Fox” use a real fox symbol and no tower – card now marked with “Foxy
  • Make special card “Karlchen” better identifiable, name is now on the card
  • White border on all cards to better prevent “spiking”
  • Princely cards no longer contain crowns on the motifs to avoid confusion
  • Coin cards now have different numbers of coins on the front and back of the card
  • a figure has got darker skin color

Previous versions

Prototype No. 5

So far received suggestions for improvements to the prototype:

  • Use more colorful backside for playing cards
  • Change of name to “Doublehead Family”
  • Combine individual silver coins on the left to form a number for the final scoring of a round and attach to the bottom of the card
  • Princesses and princely card more strongly than wedding represent
  • For the “fox” use a real fox symbol and not a tower
  • Make special card “Karlchen” better identifiable, if necessary write name on card
  • In the instructions for the prototype better refer to the princesses and princely card e.g. about the card color pink
  • The colours of the non-trump cards let you quickly see what other players still have on their hands when they are “cheating”.
  • Do not use the term duel in the instructions, rather stick to the trick – a duel is for 2
  • Prince and princess should not come from the same family when you get married 🙂
  • confusion because the princes (non-trump cards) also have crowns on their heads (figure)
  • the reverse sides of the coin cards have a different design, otherwise you can mix them in easily
  • 2 variants of the highest card and wedding cards (once with white background and once with colored background) – so you can choose which cards to play with; if necessary, the numeric value of the 20s card bold
  • as German name “Doppelköpfchen”
  • simple wedding rules for children and beginners, if both cards are on hand – e.g. player is the winner of the first trick or player can be selected
  • Wedding cards make e.g. both figures clearer on the card
  • Game version of the game on durable plastic cards
  • more gender-neutral use of language and graphics (even princesses can carry swords)
  • some figures should have darker skin color to appreciate interculturalism
  • no full colored cards, because otherwise you can easily see at the first “random” glance which colors are in the hand – e.g. white border around the cards
  • Integration of playful innovations – not only illustration double head normal play
  • Design of the tower cards more than a regular ace
  • Adjust crown symbol more to check (Karo)

Preparing Prototype No. 4 for Indie Game Alliance

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Prototype No. 2
Prototype No. 1
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