History of the game’s origin

I myself got to know Doppelkopf as an adult over 20 years ago, but then lost sight of him again. Some time ago I started to play Doppelkopf again with a group of friends and it was not so easy for us to remember all the trump cards and the sequences at every meeting, if you play the game only once a month. We had to look again and again in the Internet at the sequences and special rules.

Our children (12 and 9, as well as 3) quickly became interested in the game and we tried to explain the game to them using the normal cards. Out of the difficulties we came up with the idea: Let’s paint a special card game where the trump cards, sequences and winning points are easier to recognize.

Prototype No. 1

We started painting directly and so since the beginning of 2019 several prototypes have been created. We have already tried the game out in various family and friends’ groups and received a lot of feedback, which was then incorporated into the prototypes again and again.

Since we have been intensively supporting game developers with their projects on Kickstarter for quite some time now and are eagerly waiting for new games and trying them out, we would now like to dare to present our game on Kickstarter ourselves and use it to prepare exciting game evenings for as many other families as possible. Support my children and me in our dream to send the game all over the world…